Namaste, Ayubowan, Salaam, Greetings

An incredible evening

Sri Lankan New Year celebrations took place on Saturday, April 15th at Peikoff Alumni House, Gallaudet University. It was simply an incredible evening of entertainment with a well-organized cultural program and dinner.

MSADA is incredibly grateful for the hundreds of people who joined us, to celebrate the Sri Lankan New Year, those who could not attend but made a donation anyway, and to the many people who cheered us on from near and afar. MSADA appreciates your kind support as the proceeds from this event will help fund our first ever conference they hope to host in 2018.

MSADA warmly welcomed the Sri Lankan guests who traveled from Canada.

MSADA received a surprise visit from the Buddhist monk, Venerable Maithree who blessed the ceremony, the guests and the nation. The emcees Tissa Peiris and Tharindu Bandara led the entertaining program with the story of Aluth Avurudha (Sri Lankan New Year). Tissa Abeykoon signed the Sri Lankan National Anthem. Cheti Senadhira demonstrated the presentation on the Sri Lankan Recipes that the folks in Sri Lanka prepare and eat; and directed the guests to the buffet line of scrumptious Sri Lankan savory dinner. The comedian Kumara Fernando demonstrated the sarong show, that enthralled the guests in a humorous manner. The highlight of this presentation was when he invited some guests to participate in the show, showing the different examples in wearing the sarong. The beautiful colorful lotus flowers that Cheti made for the table centerpieces and stage, made a beautiful addition to the event, and incites to the wow factor. Lotus flower is a significant feature of Sri Lankan celebrations.

Following are some of the comments made by our guests:

  • Imalka Senadhira: “Fabulous party….well organized and the culture of the country was well-demonstrated!”
  • Vajira Mathalike: “Well organized party; the student dancers with their parents enjoyed the party – they learned to mingle with the deaf attendees and learned more about our abilities to provide colorful entertaining programs to the deaf community.”
  • Anonymous: “The dinner buffet was great with a wonderful selection of Sri Lankan savory dishes; the Kale Mallum and Papadam were different dishes we have not tried out.”
  • Heidi Burghardt: “It was truly an educational and informative presentation. So nice to see the clothes, food, celebrations. Thank you for sharing with us!”
  • John Olumoya: “I learnt a lot about South Asian culture!”

The chairperson of Sri Lankan New Year celebrations, Thushara Wijetilaka felt happy that the dedicated MSADA board members and Sri Lankan committee teamed up and coordinated with each other to make the Sri Lankan event so lovely and lively. Thushara gave her reflection thoughts: “Community means a lot to us. When you give back to your community, your community gives back to you.”

MSADA is ever so grateful to all who participated in every possible way. We are grateful to Ms. Vajira and her students who were committed to practicing long hours to prepare for this event. This was an incredible event when the deaf and hearing communities of Sri Lanka came together to make a difference! Thank you, all!

Namaste, Ayubowan, Salaam, Greetings
After a 2016 busy and productive year but with exciting social and cultural events, we wish you all a fantastic 2017.

Board Members 2017

Navratri Festival

On November 11, 2016, over 180 guests came together to learn about Navratri, Gujarati's traditional dances, as well as listen to a beautiful prayers from Gaurav Arora and Kalpana Varia; a wonderful Navratri presentation from Smita Kothari, and a short remark from Dean of Graduate School, Gaurav Mathur on the behalf of Provost Carol Ertig, Gallaudet University and fascinating dance performance by the team Aarthy Manoharan, Michelle Morris and Amrin Shaikh. The fabulous and fantastic entertaining program was led by the emcees, Vanita Dama and Devesh Saini.

Navratri Festival

MSADA board wish you and your family a very fulfilling 2017 and thank you all for continued support of the MSADA.